Registered electronic delivery with opening confirmation.

Certify the opening of documentssent by email or SMS

With Openum you can send documents by email or SMS and certify the moment they are opened, getting the documentary evidence.

How end users use Openum

Initial communication

Initial communication

The user receives an SMS or email with a link to a web page where the documents are displayed. The email has no documents attached.

Reading documents

Reading documents

From the link attached in the message the user accesses the landing page to read the documents. When accessing, we certify the access and we issue the documentary evidence.

How companies use Openum

Beginning of the process

Beginning of the process

The documents are sent by email or by SMS, from the management area provided. You can also redirect users from your web page to Openum landing page.

Management area

Management area

From the management area apart from sending documents, you can manage the current deliveries, or configure the patterns to optimize your work flows.



Openum is a specification of the API of Click & Sign free of charge, so that you can completely integrate registered delivery solutions to your ERP or CRM.

Legal Validity

Registered delivery with access to content using Openum complies with the most demanding international regulations, such as the European Union eIDAS Regulation No. 910/2014, the E-SIGN and the UETA Acts of the United States, and other standards from over 30 countries.

Industry solutions

Banking & Fintech services

Banking and Fintech

Utilities services

Energy & Utilities

Insurance & Insurtech services

Insurance and Insurtech

Human resources services

Human Resources

Healt services

Health Care

Real State services

Real Estate

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